My first new clock design in many years. I had the idea for this and even though I'm busy with 10 other things forced myself to make it. I used hand cut and sanded mdf panels with specialty vinyls a homemade flower of life decal and a googly eye. The vinyls are much more "alive" looking in person as they change hue depending on light in the room and your position.

I intend to make more new clocks as time allows (piun intended but only after noticing it was there). Claim this prototype and own a clock noone else on the planet has.

Fully functional. Comes with battery and setting instructions.


Visionary Handcrafted Art Clock (Prototype)

  • Varnished and ready to hang with a single nail.

    Beautiful reclaimed Mahogany wood with a deep profile--sits nicely off the wall. 

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