This guy's been hanging around my studio for a decade and is ready for some new scenery. He's made of a chunk of walnut salvaged from the scrap pile of a local furniture maker with arms formed from spindles from a chair of my childhood and the legs from a chair I lived with for a decade in Sedona. I found the metal piece (the one at the top that looks like wings) in the Flagstaff forest and pried the red ball from a super old and rusted reflector of some sort from a long gone truck rusting in the desert sun. Worked copper accent in the center of the clock face and in the magical loincloth.


It has a hanger on the back and a recessed cavity containing the clockwork. Battery included. Own a weird piece of my clock-making history and give yourself the gift of a dependable spirit of enchanted timekeepin' on the wall, casting his gaze on eternity while broadcasting the hours and minutes of the here and now.


Timekeeper Handcrafted Art Clock

  • Varnished and ready to hang with a single nail.

    Beautiful reclaimed Mahogany wood with a deep profile--sits nicely off the wall. 

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