This art clock was made after I'd moved away from production clocks and just wanted to play around with ideas without constraint. This being I'm calling Time Standing Still has been hanging around my studio (along with another I made at the same time called Timekeeper) for a decade and is ready for some new scenery. Made of a chunk of oak salvaged from the scrap pile of a local furniture maker with arms formed of the spindles of a chair from my childhood home, and the legs from a chair I lived with for a decade in Sedona. I found the metal pieces in Tombstone, AZ and the red marble in center was wrested from a rusted and soil caked antique reflector. The small square bits have sketches I'll leave to you to decipher. 


It has a hanger on the back and a recessed cavity containing the clockwork. Battery included. Own a weird piece of my clock-making history and give yourself the gift of a dependable spirit of enchanted timekeepin' on the wall, casting his gaze on eternity while broadcasting the hours and minutes of the here and now.


Time Standing Still Handcrafted Art Clock

  • Varnished and ready to hang with a single nail.

    Beautiful reclaimed Mahogany wood with a deep profile--sits nicely off the wall. 

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