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I'm back!

Hello, all! I'm pleased to present Justin Potts Studio 4.0. I've been so busy on other projects over the past few years that I'd lost touch with my core--my own fine art. Thanks to a gnawing desire to get back to my roots and a serendipitous invitation to live-paint at a festival by my friend (and amazing visionary artist) Danny Stephens, I've been painting in every free moment again, and loving it.

It seemed a fitting time to re-make my site and update the avalanche of newness in my archive, so here it is. I've also added a shop where I'm offering an array of prints and original works. I hope you find something that fits into your world. My hope is to focus more on my art and less on other work in the coming years and selling art will help speed that process along.

I'm looking forward to filling out the site and will be adding to it as I have the time. Please feel free to get in touch for any reason and let's co-create a little magic!

My intent is to use this blog to keep my adoring public appraised of what's bouncing around in my brain and to keep you all posted about events, and new projects as they arise.

As always, thanks for your support!



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